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    » A Few Upcoming Shows at LACMOCA

    Title:Govan VS. Deitch: Death Match
    Logline: Pinning the two museum heads against each other, Michael Govan and Jeffrey Deitch will switch their Director hats for Performance Art guises in a boxing scrimmage. Refereed by Marina Abramovic and on a ring constructed by Michael Heizer, you’ll watch the two beat each other up for the sake of art. Who will win? No one knows. (This said, Deitch will have one arm tied behind his back because Deitch can never win at anything in LA art.)

    Logline: From Urban Light to Transmission LA, LACMA and MOCA have mastered the art of making art that looks good…on Instagram! Digging into their permanent collections, the two art institutions will present what they believe are works that have the potential to be the most Instagrammed art photos ever. The show will be guest curated by Nawden, a very popular Instagrammer who describes himself as “the best art assistant on Instagram.” Viewers are encouraged to wear their best looks, bring any nice looking food or pets, and show off their nails as there is a high chance they will be Instagrammed.

    Title: You All Are Annoying
    Logline: Inspired by art world commentators and critics near and far, LACMOCA is proud to present You Are All Annoying, a giant mirror to be installed in front of the new LACMOCA buildings with the words “YOU ARE ALL ANNOYING” scrawled on it. Part tongue-in-cheek nod to childhood graffiti and part “Please shut up now, smug commentators,” You Are All Annoying will finally quell the fire in the Los Angeles art world for once. Or until some sensitive someone wants to complain about LACMOCA. Because that will happen. That will happen even if LACMOCA doesn’t happen.

    I wish I wrote this.

    March 12, 2013, 3:10pm  

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      Title: Fuck You, The Getty. Logline: Hey, The Getty: guess who is going to kick your ass? LACMOCA. They’re younger....
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      I wish for these things to happen. hahaha
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      I’d put my money on Govan in a fight and Urban Light on Instagram. I’m a LACMA girl, what can I say.
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      nailed it
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