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    “The idea that you buy your giant pretzel and walk in off the street is, I’m sorry, just not the same.”

    Hugh Landwehr, a scenic designer in response to MoMA’s proposal to make it’s sculpture garden free to the public.

    This is hilarious 3 fold:

    1. I mean, how dare anyone eat a pretzel and look at art simultaneously!
    2. Just not the same knowing you are sharing the same rarefied air with other people who shelled out $25 for access?
    3. People shouldn’t touch the street before touching MoMA.

    And here is my response:

    1. This is why people hate us.
    2. LACMA has that with their sculpture garden and it’s fantastic. It brings such a sense of shared community and wonder to your day.
    3. GO AWAY NO ONE WANTS YOU HERE (see, how does it feel?)

    February 05, 2014, 1:00pm  

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