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    Top: Carroll Dunham Untitled 2011

    Bottom: Laurie Simmons Untitled (eye to eye) 1983

    I know this is super timely and all, but when speaking of Lena Dunham’s privilege and referring to her artist parents, they only refer to her mother, Laurie Simmons, success.  Before Lena Dunham came on the scene I was very aware and followed the career of her father, but wasn’t familiar with her mother’s* career beyond some vague visual recognition of a few of her more famous works. Now this is where my questions come in and they are three fold:

    • Is this because Simmons is that much more successful/recognizable/famous than Carroll Dunham and I just wasn’t aware?
    • Is it because Dunham’s work is a bit more…how you say…controversial and difficult to talk about and show images of on mainstream media when referencing Lena Dunham’s work/privelege?
    • Is it because Lena is a feminist writer and showing her as coming from a place where feminism and creativity were thriving is an easier context to digest when presented in a female narrative than when including the father figure in the story?

    *You can’t shame me on this, there are too many artists working I will never know all of them. It’s difficult enough to have visual recognition of art works on as many as I do (including her’s) but name recognition? There’s only so much real estate in my brain.

    March 17, 2014, 12:05pm  

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